project portfolio of Jane Brooks Zurn Rampersad

Projects I've completed over the years

Main call to action Secondary action

Brooks wedding dress

Illuminated wedding dress. Visible in daylight, with color-changing flowers. In addition to wearing at wedding, was shown on Daily Planet on Discovery Canada in February 2015.

LEDs, Lilypad wearable electronics controller, fiber optic strands, modified off-the-rack dress
tabby cat print leggings

Tabby cat leggings. My cat has great legs. I wanted to imitate his legs, in a non-destructive way. So I made my own cat leggings.

photography, digital editing, sublimated fabric
Haleakala coffee cup

Lava-hot coffee Instead of containing lava that invigorates the island, this mug with the image of the Haleakala caldera, provides the life-giving coffee to invigorate your day.

photography, sublimated ceramic
palm sky print skirt

Rising above the trees Envisioning a person rising above a skyline of palm trees, led to this skirt.

photography and sublimated fabric
palm sky bathing suit

Palm Tree Camoflage Bathing Suit blending into the surroundings, in this palm tree and sky bathing suit.

photography and sublimated fabric
crafting electricity workspace

Straight copper lines turn into a skyscraper with illuminated windows my workspace during the Crafting Electricity workshop. Playing around with copper tape, it formed itself into a skyscraper. The LEDs illuminate windows, and are fed power through the structure of the lines.

paper, copper, LEDs
picture frame with a magnet holding nails, random metal, and an antique screwdriver

Why is my Tire Flat? While visiting my neighborhood mechanic, I noticed a box of random metal pieces. They said it was stuff pulled out of people's tires over the years. I returned a week later, with a picture frame marked Why Is My Tire Flat? It has a magnetic knife holder in the middle, which the random pieces of metal could be attached to, as a living and growing answer for so many motorists.

wood, metal, paint
minature stained glass windows and dollhouse-sized doors, one with a heart painted on the handle

Miniature stained-glass style windows and doors Tiny replicas of life-sized windows and doors

acrylic, laser-engraved & painted
image of a pill marked joy

Joy, in pill form Modern medicine expects to be able to solve all problems with external treatments. If one could evoke joy via a pill, perhaps it would look like this.

digitally edited stock footage
evening gown with sparking LEDs in addition to sequins

Super sparkling evening gown The more sparkle and shine, the better. Evening gowns usually bling by reflecting light back to the viewer. No longer limited by the ambient light, this dress emits its own sparkle via twinkling LEDs placed in strategic sequin locations.

Sparkfun twinkle sewable circuit, off-the-rack evening gown, conductive thread